Private Screenings - Disabled

Experience the magic of the silver screen with your own private screening party!  

Until May 27th, we have dedicated one screen to private shows.  Please give us one week notice to set up a private show.  Sometimes communications between us, our booker and the studios can take several days.  If, however, you'd like a private show with one of the movies we are currently showing, we don't need to get an additional license, so we can plan those with little notice, as long as there is an available slot in the schedule.

The movie list shown below is subject to change. We will be adding and deleting titles as the studios change their availability. We can also arrange private screenings of the movies currently playing at the theater. It is possible to get other movies as well, but it takes a little more time, like about a week, and might be more expensive. If there was something in particular you were wanting to see that is not listed, let us know and we can check into it for you.

The cost is $100 + tax ($107.00) for 20 or fewer people, and $150 + tax ($160.50) for over 20 people. If we use a larger auditorium, we can get a few more people in than 20, and still maintain safe physical distancing, but there will be an absolute cap of 40 people. The concession stand will be open for your group, at our regular pricing. Please let all members of your party know that, as with public shows, no outside food or beverages are allowed. The revenue our theatre takes in for private shows is purely from concessions (the booking fee goes to the studio), so please come hungry! 

There will be a $10 fee for cancellations that result in refunds.  All refunds will be in the form of North Grand Cinema gift cards. Gift cards do not expire, and can be used for anything at the theatre, including a different private screening sometime in the future.  We would never doubt you have a good reason to cancel; it happens!  The issue is that these reservations incur credit card processing fees and a fair amount of administrative work, as well as keeping other parties from reserving that date and time, so we want to avoid them when possible.  Cancellations within 2 days of the scheduled show will not be refunded. Thank you for understanding. 

Drop us an email and we’ll get further into the details! 

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