Great value for your advertising dollar!

Looking for the best value for your advertising investment?  Looking to get a bigger-than-life image of your business or group out in front of the public?  Look no further! Your ad will be featured on the big screen before every show.  

Your advertisement will run 30 seconds.

Advantages of our on-screen advertising program:

  • In contrast to almost all other forms of advertising, on-screen movie theater advertising provides you a captive audience. Patrons welcome your advertisement because it provides something interesting upon which to focus. They enjoy learning about your business, and they retain that information long after the show.

  • After our customers see your ad on-screen, they may want to learn more. We offer you the opportunity to provide business cards which customers may pick up at the display in the lobby.

  • Nielsen Research has noted, “Going to the movies is a happy, transforming experience with family and friends — an environment where consumers are in a frame of mind to be entertained and receptive to advertising messages.”

  • Our program allows you to make changes as often as every week, at no extra charge.

  • Our presentation is sharp, full-color, and employs motion to draw the eye.  Use text, photos, audio and/or video in your presentation.  Whatever you think showcases your business best!

  • Our laser projectors provide unprecedented sharpness and clarity.

Technical Details: 

Our advertising is done via a PowerPoint presentation.  If you are PowerPoint savvy, you can provide us with your finished slide(s).  You can embed video and audio as well!  Be sure to select Design -> Slide Size -> Standard (4:3).  If you use the wide-screen format, we will have to re-work the slide(s).

If you do not know PowerPoint, no problem!  We will put a presentation together for you at no charge.

Don't Know How to Get Started?:

Leave that to us!  Drop us an e-mail or give us a call, and we will put together a prototype ad for your review.  You do not need to have a fully developed idea to get started.  We have been doing this for over sixteen years and are here to help!  There is no charge nor obligation for the development of a prototype. We will be happy to meet with you at your place of business or at the theater so that you can see it on the big screen prior to making a decision.


  • $300 per month on all five screens with 3-4 shows per day per screen (15-20 shows/day)

Please contact us and we will put a prototype together that showcases your business!