Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Tax Exemptions

If you would like to purchase seats on a tax-exempt basis, because your organization and the event for which you are purchasing tickets qualifies for a sales tax-exemption, great!  We have updated our process to better support that.  However, you are required to provide us with a tax-exemption form, even if you have provided one in the recent past.  We will need the contact person's name and email address as well as the form.  We need to scan it in and attach it to that days business in our accounting system so that we will have it readily available in the event we get to experience the joy of a sales tax audit.  If you do not bring in a form, we will not be able to ring in the tickets as tax-exempt.  Thank you for understanding.

If you would like to set up a tax-exempt show ahead of time and pay using an invoice, please use the "Contact Us" page and we can help with that.  You can email us the proper forms and pay the invoice online with a credit card.

Private Shows - Updated June, 2021

Now that we are getting into the summer movie season, there is less screen availability for private shows. We did a lot of them during the time when Hollywood wasn't releasing movies due to COVID, because there weren't enough movies to fill the screens! But that is changing now. There are a lot of movies that have been stuck in the pipeline, so it will be even busier with new releases than normal. So, long story short, the only available times for private shows would be early morning, like 9:00 am, or late at night, like 9:30 pm. We did just schedule a 9:30 pm private show for a high school group - they like staying up late! But, that's not ideal for a lot of groups. Let us know if you would like to pursue an early or late show, and if so, what movie you were looking for, and what size of group you were thinking. Thank you for thinking of us!

R-Rated Movie Policy

Children under 17 will only be admitted to an R-Rated movie if they are accompanied by a parent or adult guardian, or if their parent or adult guardian comes into the theater, speaks with our staff, and purchases the child's ticket.  All children in R-Rated movies will be expected to behave in a mature manner, or they will be asked to leave.  Neither refunds nor passes will be issued for those asked to leave due to bad behavior. 

Because R-Rated movies are intended for adult audiences, children under 6 years of age will not be admitted to R-Rated movies under any circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding.